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    • 13 APR 18
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    Nine Tips for Maintaining Oriental Rugs

    Oriental rugs create an atmosphere of upscale beauty, artistry and elegance in your home that can’t be achieved with the average rug. Although these rugs set a high aesthetic standard, they also require a high standard care. Here are nine tips for maintaining oriental rugs.   If you have been looking for ways to better maintain

    • 22 MAR 18
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    Rug Fading Can Happen. Be Careful!

    Oriental rugs are beautiful but they are not cheap. If you own one of these expensive beauties, it is advisable to put a few measures in place. Measures that will help extend the life of your rug and keep rug fading to a minimum. The first thing to keep in mind is that ultraviolet light

    • 09 MAR 18
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    Rug Cleaning Process | Magna-Dry Lafayette IN

    Magna-Dry uses a unique cleaning system that replicates the old-country river-washing method of cleaning, but with modern technology.  It delivered the best results without risking damage to the rug. The equipment used in the system allows Magna-Dry to utilize a process that is similar to sending your rug to a spa! Even the most delicate rugs

    • 22 FEB 18
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    8 Tips To Tackle Spring Cleaning [Infographic]

    First of all, spring cleaning does not have to be an afterthought.  In addition and although it is hard to believe, Spring is headed this way!  Therefore, get yourself ready for warm weather by remembering what spring is all about — with its bare pavement, blooming trees, blue skies, open windows letting the air into your