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    • 08 JUN 17
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    Carpet Cleaning: Methods and Importance [Infographic]

    Every year, millions of Americans become ill from allergens present in the fibers of their rugs and carpets. Therefore, it is important to properly clean rugs and carpets to ensure your family enjoys a healthy home environment. Carpet and rug cleaning is a good way to increase the lifespan and maintain a healthy indoor environment.

    • 01 JUN 17
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    Post Highlight from Facebook | Rug Carpet Upholstery & Tile Cleaning Lafayette IN

    At Magna-Dry in Lafayette, we want to give you the most pleasant cleaning experience you’ll ever have. We have learned that having a superior method of cleaning, an intense focus on customer service & the most professional & trained staff will produce the most pleasant cleaning experience for you, our customer.

    • 11 MAY 17
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    Beginner’s Tips on Identifying Authentic Handmade Oriental Rugs

    It is not a simple task for normal folks not trained in identifying rugs to know the distinction between an authentic handmade Oriental rug and a machine-made rug. Handwoven and hand knotted rugs are also known as Oriental rugs and are mostly collectibles due to their quality. The quality of Oriental rugs hugely depends on

    • 27 APR 17
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    Leave A Review on Google | Magna-Dry Lafayette IN

    We take immense pride in the services we offer and the customers we have had the honor to serve. Please share your experience about Magna-Dry in Lafayette, IN on Google by clicking and writing a review. We use the feedback to continually better our services. We thank you in advance for your time. Write a