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    • 16 MAY 19
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    Choosing the Best Area Rug for Your Space

    There is good reason an area rug should carpet a room. They’re practical, providing cushion, comfort, and warmth over a concrete, tile or wood floor. But they also provide artistic value to a room’s design. Considered artwork for the floor, which acts as the frame, size does matter — and it’s often a big concern

    • 02 MAY 19
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    Cleaning Your Home In Less Than An Hour

    Sometimes you don’t have enough time to clean your house thoroughly. You work long hours, have other things to do when you are home and simply can’t get around to household tasks that seem to keep piling up. Learn how to get a clean house quickly now!

    • 11 APR 19
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    Tell Us About Your Experience

    We love hearing from our customers and would not want to miss the chance to improve our cleaning services. The process is simple and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Click Here to leave a review in Customer Lobby for Magna-Dry and tell us a little bit more about your experience. We would appreciate

    • 21 MAR 19
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    Rug Care Tips: Preventing Mildew and Dry Rot in Rugs

    When rugs stay wet too long, they become mildewed and, eventually, suffer dry rot. The classic example is dry rot caused by a potted plant placed on a rug. The typical result is a horribly rotted circular area in a carpet that is otherwise in good condition. Don’t even think about putting a potted plant