How To Take Care of Your Oriental Rug

Many people consider their Oriental rugs a great investment. This is why they don’t mind opting for professional Oriental rug cleaning in Monticello. However there are also many things you can do to protect your rugs. Correct upkeep and maintenance of the rugs start...

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Carpet provides good traction, absorbs noises, and saves homeowners money because it naturally insulates a room.

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If you have a favorite seat, try to move around a little bit. Sitting in the same spot can weaken springs and cause that cushion to sag. Cushions and springs can  be replaced for relatively little cost.    

Protecting Your Oriental Area Rugs in Attica

For those who own area rugs and are in need of professional area rug cleaning in Attica, this article is for you. As Oriental rug owners, many people consider their rugs to be an investment. It’s because of this that you should further invest in the upkeep and...