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carpetIn 2005, Magna-Dry expanded their restoration division to include Fire & Smoke damage restoration in addition to the water damage division.  By partnering with Midwest Remediation and AmeriClean Inc, Magna-Dry of Lafayette is able to respond quickly to Fire / Smoke claims.

What We Do

Magna Dry can:

  • Provide a full scope of damage along with estimates within 24 hours of initial inspection.
  • Perform pack-out services for personal contents using an advanced bar-coded inventory system.
  • Clean both structure items (walls, ceilings, floors, fixtures, etc.) and content items (personal belongings, etc.) on-site OR at our facility.
  • Store contents in a climate controlled, insured facility for as long as it takes to bring the home or business back to pre-loss condition.
  • Clean & restore electronic equipment affected by smoke particulates.
  • Work with on-staff contractors to reconstruct / rebuild affected areas if necessary.

Our Approach

Fire & Smoke damage restoration services involve a tremendous amount of fine detail work. From the initial inspection to the smallest cleaning requirement, focusing on the details is an important part of a company’s reputation. Magna-Dry is fully staffed with experienced, trained, & certified technicians who have proven themselves to homeowners, insurance companies, and independent adjusters time and time again. Magna-Dry concentrates on the details and helps put the big picture back into focus again.