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    • 28 APR 14
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    Magna-Dry Weekly Tip

    You can remove pet hair from furniture and carpets with a squeegee. Try it!

    • 25 APR 14
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    Let Professional Oriental Rug Cleaners in Dayton Help Out

    Enjoy affordable and professional Oriental rug cleaning in Dayton that will help you to keep your home smelling fresher and cleaner for longer. Oriental rugs are typically very expensive and at times rare. When you make the investment in one of these types of rugs you would want to keep it in the best position possible for

    • 11 APR 14
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    Getting More from Expert Area Rug Cleaning in Crawfordsville

    Many rug owners opt for affordable and expert area rug cleaning in Crawfordsville to help them keep their rugs clean. However, there are ways that you can extend the benefits of these professional services.  Taking the time to stay on top of your rug’s maintenance will also help you to get more years’ worth of enjoyment from

    • 31 MAR 14
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    Weekly Tip

    Vacuuming is the single most important thing you can do for your carpet. You can’t vacuum too often.